Brand Consultant
Gianni Tozzi
Executive Creative Director of FutureBrand

Gianni Tozzi has been involved in brand building around the world over many years and has an impressive record of channeling the core values of various brands into just the right communication strategies.
"Parterre de Rois," the magazine he created and launched with Molly Molloy (former design director of MARNI), is an art publication without a single advertisement. He focuses on "the happiness of discovering 'what is true creativity?,' through interviews with global innovators.

Cristiano Berto
Owner-designer of 1ST PAT-RN / Merchandising Consultant

The original brand that Cristiano Berto established in 2011 takes its name from a military term which identifies the first prototype of a garment. He is committed to entirely Italian-made clothing, encompassing everything from the transformation of threads into fabrics to the factories where new technological developments take place, as he pursues clothing design and production that highlight regional characteristics.
And furthermore, his past experience as a design instructor providing consultations to textile manufacturers and other apparel manufacturers, etc., assists him in increasing the value of companies he collaborates with today.

MD&Marketing Consultant
Arjan van Well
Marketing Communication / Marketing / Branding

Arjan van Well lived in Japan for 4 years and 8 months as the marketing director for the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions. He is skilled at managing wide cultural differences, as well as being knowledgeable and well-connected. He is currently based in the Netherlands where he is working independently. He provides European marketing, sales, and project management services to companies such as KARIMOKU NEW STANDARD, MEETEE, T.E.M.P.O. mobiles, Another Country and Luca Nichetto Design Studio.

Takuro Ogasawara
Director of Senken Shimbun Editorial Department and Editorial Board Member of Senken Shimbun Co., Ltd.

Takuro Ogasawara was born in 1966. He joined the Senken Shimbun Editorial Office in 1992, and from 1995 was responsible for covering collections there. He has been reporting on fashion collections from around the world for over 20 years. He is the only Japanese journalist who covers the world's major men's and women's collections.

Hisao Saito
Representative Director and President of TUBE

Hisao Saito was born in 1945. After withdrawing early from the Nihon University College of Economics, he went to the United States. In 1966 he graduated from Men's Fashion Gakuin. He established Duploman, a planning company, in 1972. In addition to securing contracts with men's departments at Teijin, Mitsumine and Onward Kashiyama, etc., he was also engaged in sales and wholesales of imported brands such as Edward Green and Mulberry. He started his own brand, TUBE, in 1979. At the same time, he was contracted as an advisor for BEAMS and established International Gallery BEAMS. In 1983, he started the KENGUN brand and began working with stores overseas such as Barneys New York, Browns (London) and Neiman Marcus (Chicago). He was contracted as director with Men's Bigi in 1993. He has been active as an advisor to a major specialty shop since 2008.

Kunitake Saso
CEO / Founder / Chief Strategic Designer of BIOTOPE co., ltd.

Kunitake Saso graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Tokyo. He received a Master's Degree (Master of Design Methods) from the Illinois Institute of Technology's Institute of Design. After marketing hit products at P&G such as Febreze and Lenor, he worked as a brand manager at Gillette. He worked at Human Value, and launched a new business creation program (Sony Seed Acceleration Program) at the Sony Creative Center, etc., before going independent. He is skilled in B2C consumer product brand design, high-tech R&D concept design and service design projects. He is the author of, "Reasons We Need Thoughts on Design in 21st Century Business." He is a visiting professor at the Creative Learning Center at Kyoto University of Art and Design, and an associate professor at the Graduate School of Leadership and Innovation Shizenkan University.

Dai Takeuchi
CEO of river co., ltd.

Dai Takeuchi was born in Ehime Prefecture in 1966. He began his career as an editor directly after graduating from Chiba University. He has worked as deputy editor-in-chief at FINEBOYS, editor-in-chief at D-file, deputy editor-in-chief at Esquire Japan, deputy editor-in-chief at OCEANS, assistant editor-in-chief at GQ JAPAN and deputy editor-in-chief at WIRED. He established his own company, river co., ltd. in 2013. He served as creative director at Forbes JAPAN relaunched in 2014. Currently, he is putting his over a quarter century of experience to use by consulting on corporate branding and communication strategy, etc., as well as working with print and digital publications at a variety of companies ranging from fashion brands to corporations listed on the first section of the stock exchange and IT ventures.

Masamichi Toyama
President of Smiles Co., Ltd.

Masamichi Toyama was born in Tokyo in 1962. After graduating from the Faculty of Business and Commerce at Keio University, he joined Mitsubishi Corporation in 1985. In 2000 he established Smiles Co., Ltd., and assumed the role of president. Currently, in addition to Soup Stock Tokyo, he has developed necktie-specialist "giraffe," secondhand shop "PASS THE BATON," family restaurant "100 Spoons," contemporary food & liquor "PAVILION" and seaweed specialist shop "HakeJoyu Noriben Yamanobori." He advocates a corporate philosophy of "expanding life value," and does not limit himself to existing concepts and industries, but instead proposes new ways of living today. His recently published works include "Deciding on Success" (Shincho Bunko), and "A Business Model for Doing What You Want—Trajectory of PASS THE BATON" (Koubundou).

Kazufumi Nagai
Art Director / Creative Director
Professor of Tama Art University

Kazufumi Nagai joined Hakuhodo after graduating from the Faculty of Art and Design at Tama University of Art. In 2003 he established branding-by-design company, HAKUHODO DESIGN, INC. He works in branding, VI design and project design for various companies, products and administrative initiatives and is also active in social fields such as medicine, healthcare and regional revitalization. From 2015, he worked as creative director for "Tokyo Brand" in Tokyo Metropolis, and from 2015 to 2017 he was chair of the Good Design Award.
He has received numerous awards both domestically and internationally, such as Creator of the Year, ADC Award Grand Prix and the Mainichi Design Award. He has written and co-written books including "Design Toward Happiness," "Solving Energy Problems with Design," "Management is Design," and "Hakuhodo Design Branding."

Yuta Namiki
Representative Director of Field Management Co., Ltd.

Yuta Namiki graduated from the Faculty of Economics at Keio University. He received his MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He joined McKinsey & Company in 2000 and went independent in 2009 when he established Field Management. He works in strategic consulting for major Japanese companies in electronics, aviation, internet, automobiles and entertainment, etc. In 2015 he was the only Japanese selected by his MBA alma mater, the Wharton School, for "Wharton 40 Under 40" which introduces attention-grabbing alumni under 40 years old. In the sports field he participates in professional baseball owners' meetings and works with key persons in league business of the Pacific League and numerous team business such as for the Fighters and Eagles. In soccer, he works in league business development as a J.League director. Until he assumed the position of J.League director, he put all his efforts into promoting team business as director of the Shonan Bellmare. And he also serves as director of the Japan Coaches Association, a body that governs the Japan Coaches Award; this award is bestowed to coaches who support the advancement of sports in Japan. He is committed to developing sports business in Japan whether professional or amateur. He has written books including, "100 Years of Consul" (Discover 21), and "Start from a Mission!" (Discover 21).

Hisayo Hidaka
Scye Designer of Masterpiece and Co.

Hisayo Hidaka was born in 1966. She graduated from the Creative Apparel Design of Bunka Fashion College and went independent after working as an apparel designer in numerous apparel companies. She started Scye in 2000 which presents men's and women's collections in an exhibition format.

Kayoko Hirao
President of HiRAO INC

After working at H.P. France Press, Kayoko Hirao established her own communication agency, HiRAO INC. She works in PR strategy for a wide range of fields such as fashion, art, beauty, product design and food, and is also involved in brand value improvement, creative control and revolutionary branding promotion plan development, etc. With experience, knowledge and a sharp perception of the trends of the next generation, she offers distinctively original plans.

Tamae Hirokawa
Creative Director of SOMA DESIGN
Fashion Designer

Tamae Hirokawa established SOMA DESIGN which is active in fashion, graphics, sound and visual design. At the same time, she launched the SOMARTA brand and participated in the Tokyo Collection. She received the 25th Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix's Newcomer Award and Shiseido Sponsorship Award. Other than her individual exhibition, "Tamae Hirokawa Body Genealogy," she has also worked on numerous collaborative pieces with corporations such as the Canon[NEOREAL] Exhibition, the TOYOTA [iQ x SOMARTA MICROCOSMOS] Exhibition, and YAMAHA MOTOR DESIGN [02Gen-Taurs]. Her 2017 SOMARTA signature piece, "Skin Series," is a much-talked-about artwork held at MoMA.

Masataka Hosoo
Managing Director of Hosoo Co., Ltd.
MIT Media Lab Director's Fellow

Masataka Hosoo was born into the Hosoo family's long-standing Nishijin weaving shop in 1978. The Hosoo family established their textile business during the Genroku period. Their contributions included Japanese clothing items made by living national treasures or using traditional techniques. After graduating from university, Masataka was working in music before joining a major jewelry manufacturer. After leaving that company, he studied abroad in Firenze, Italy and then joined Hosoo in 2008. He has developed textiles based on Nishijin weaving technology and materials for overseas. His clients include top fashion houses all over the world and his products are used in Dior and Chanel shops designed by architect Peter Marino. Furthermore, he is actively involved in collaborations with artists.
In 2012, he formed "GO ON," a project for young artists of his generation who will continue Kyoto's traditional crafts, and worked to spread these traditional arts across Japan and the world. He was selected as one of "Japan's 100 Top Leaders" by the 2014 Nikkei Business Magazine. In 2016, he became a Media Lab Director's Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and he creates revolutionary textiles by blending Nishijin weaving with state-of-the-art technology.

Ko Matsubara
POPEYE Editor-in-chief / Head of the Digital Strategy Office of Magazine House Co., Ltd.

Ko Matsubara was born in Tokyo in 1967. He graduated from Waseda University in 1991 and joined Magazine House. He was active as an editor for men's fashion magazine, Popeye, where he was responsible for fashion, music and interior design, etc. From 2000 he participated in creating the monthly publication Casa BRUTUS. He was responsible for a wide range of special collections as an editor, such as "Case Study House," "Isamu Noguchi," "Going to Mexico with Tadao Ando: Journey of Luis Barragan," "India is Calling, "The Architects' Environmental Lessons," "What Did Apple Design?." He assumed the role of editor-in-chief of the editorial department in 2012, and from 2017 he also worked as head of the digital strategy office. In 2018 he assumed the role of editor-in-chief at Popeye.

Kosei Mitsuishi
Historian / Historical Theorist
Representative Director of Goscobe. Inc

Kosei Mitsuishi was born in Tokyo. He is a researcher and auditor for the Onko Academic Society's Hanawa Hokiichi Archive. In 2017 he established Goscobe. Inc, the world's first corporate and social innovation consulting company to use historical analysis. He collaborates on various large-scale projects, corporate concept designs and idea creation, etc., where he brings a wealth of richly detailed and accurate historical insights and documents.

Keiichi Muramatsu
Representative Director of CLOWN Co., Ltd.
everlasting sprout Designer / and wool Director

Keiichi Muramatsu was born in 1981. He graduated from the Knitwear Design of Bunka Fashion College. After graduation, he studied abroad through a scholarship with luxury yarn manufacturers at the Lineapiu Group (Italy). From 2004, he began working as his own fashion brand, everlasting sprout. In 2008 he was chosen as a finalist for the Woolmark Prize where Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld were discovered. His use of distinctive colors and materials, patented advanced knit technology, and ways of expressing diverse threads and materials also attracted interest from overseas. In addition to perfecting his own craft, he is also involved in a wide range of artistic activities, including design-based and technological proposals for collection brands in Japan and overseas, as well as design proposals for apparel companies. From 2016, he started his AND WOOL project to share the appealing points of knits, and he now pursues new possibilities for knits by holding workshops all over Japan and nurturing upcoming knit professionals, etc.