The 2nd round of JOOR by TOKYO KNIT, new collections by certificated companies, has been launched!


Since it is difficult to participate in the exhibition abroad due to COVID-19 pandemic, TOKYO KNIT determined to utilize JOOR, the world’s largest digital platform for fashion wholesale management, in this project year (2020 summer – 2021 spring). In January 2021, 9 items of TOKYO KNIT PITTI COLLECTION exhibited at PITTI UOMO in January 2020, were posted as the first round on JOOR. 

Sales of new collections by certificated companies as the second round on JOOR has been started since 8th February, 2021. The products of new collections present new lifestyle under the circumstance of “Stay home”, expressing “SUSTAINABLE ACTION by TOKYO KNIT”, the concept of product development for certificated companies in this project year (2020 summer – 2021spring).

<Detailed information of the second round on JOOR>

From 8th February 2021 to 31st March 2021

Five factory brands of certificated companies of TOKYO KNIT exhibit their products.


The representative products are as follows:

As eco-friendly products,

  • Relaxing wear of “WAKOH”, made of 100% washi fiber (Japanese paper) that was born from the earth and will return to the earth
  • Casual wear of “BANZAY” dyed of waste food materials

As products presenting new style to enrich the time to spend at home,

  • Room shoes of “merippa”, the reversible room shoes made of right and soft jersey fabric
  • Apron dress of “Kapoc”, inspired from Japanese traditional cooking gown

As baby wear, “Chêne”, manufactured by sustainable production, born from the demand not to contaminate the future when babies grow up. 


<List of companies (brands) as the second round on JOOR>

Participant companies and their items are as follows:

1.Office Hodota Co., Ltd. (BANZAY): T shirt for men and women and face mask with antibacterial effect dyed by vegetables

2.NARAHARA KNIT Co.,Ltd. (Chêne) : baby wear and kids wear

3.Nakahashi Knitting Co., Ltd. (merippa): room shoes

4.MASUMITETU Inc.(kapoc): apron dress

5.Wakoh Co., Ltd. (WAKOH): short-sleeve and long-sleeve pullover and face mask made of washi fiber, Japanese paper

The physical and digital exhibition of TOKYO KNIT will take place next month. Detailed information will be informed soon.