TOKYO KNIT PITTI COLLECTION on JOOR (the world’s largest digital platform for fashion wholesale management) has been launched.


As it is difficult to participate in the exhibition abroad due to COVID-19 pandemic, TOKYO KNIT utilizes for this time JOOR, a standard digital platform for fashion wholesale management. TOKYO KNIT will get opportunities to contact with buyers of over 200,000 retailers over the world.

TOKYO KNIT page on JOOR has been launched since January 12th, 2021. As the 1st round, TOKYO KNIT PITTI COLLECTION, 9 items (black long-sleeved T shirts and hoodies) exhibited at PITTI UOMO (Florence, Italy) in January 2020, is posted.

This collection is composed of basic items manufactured by TOKYO KNIT by maximizing “made in Tokyo Japan quality and techniques” with in-depth attention.

It would be opportunity to reconfirm the attractiveness of TOKYO KNIT for people who missed their exhibition at PITTI UOMO in 2020.



No.001 :The hoodie made of two types of knitting fabric: jersey for the front and puffed jacquard for the back, expressing the great balance of two different materials by excellent sewing techniques.

No.003:The hoodie of which intricate pattern of the 4 Dimension Cutting System was sewed by advanced technique. The technology of the 4 Dimension Cutting Systemenables smooth body movements.

No.006:The hoodie manufactured by sustainable method without waste of fabric.

The fabric knitted by using three-dimensional pattern was manufactured by patented TPS sewing method to join 2 textiles without seam allowance.

No.010:The long-sleeved T shirt made of 100 % washi fiber (Japanese paper) that was born from the earth and will return to the earth. The fabric by 100% washi fiber, sustainable material, enables air permeability in summer and thermal insulation in winter.

Besides items above, TOKYO KNIT PITTI COLLECTION shows advanced techniques and sustainable actions of TOKYO KNIT certificated companies.

The products can be shown in this brochure distributed at PITTI UOMO.

<The 1st round on JOOR: participant companies for TOKYO KNIT COLLECTION>

The number and the name of the participant company for items of TOKYO KNIT COLLECTION are as follows: 

001 Marucho Co.,Ltd. (Fabric by Maruyasu Corporation)

003 Maruwa Textile Industries Co., Ltd.

006 Seiko Corporation

007 Sun Laurel Co., Ltd.

008 Narahara Knit Co.,Ltd.

009 Office Hodota Co.,Ltd.

010 Wakoh Co.,Ltd.(Fabric by Kawabe Knitting Co.,Ltd. and dyeing by Kawai dyeing works Co.,Ltd.)

012 Sun Laurel Co., Ltd. (Dyeing by Kawai dyeing works Co.,Ltd.)

021 Ashida Knit Co.,Ltd. (Clothing material by Masumitetsu Inc.)

The physical exhibition in TOKYO and the digital exhibition through REMOTEN will take place in March. Detailed information will be updated on this site and TOKYO KNIT official SNS.