A Certification System That Guarantees Quality and Technology

About Brand Certification from TOKYO KNIT

Corresponding with the value regulations of the TOKYO KNIT brand (concept and promise), only those companies which have satisfied our uniquely determined certification standards can be certified.
A TOKYO KNIT Brand Certification Review Board will convene once per year, and announce the companies which have been successfully certified.

Certification Review Board Members

Seiichi Mizuno
President of Institute of Marketing Architecture Co., Ltd. / President of the Association for Promotion of The Sumida Area Brand Promoting Conference


Mineaki Saito
President of Scenery International/ Former Vice President of Hermès International
Masami Takahashi
Creative Director of MASAMI DESIGN / Director of the Association for Promotion of Sumida Area Brands
Tsutomu Hagihira
Chairperson of the Institute for the Fashion Industries
Hirofumi Kurino
Senior Advisor of UNITED ARROWS LTD. / Creative Direction
Kaname Murakami
Editor in Chief working for WWDJAPAN
Kanta Yoshimura
President of PROJECT CHINO Co., Ltd.

Certification Standards:

Qualification Requirements

The entity seeking certification must be a member of the Tokyo Knit Fashion Association, and must have a company headquarters or business office in Tokyo that handles orders from international and domestic customers.


The entity seeking certification must comply with laws and regulations and carry out business with sufficient consideration given to the working environment, environmental protection and safety.

1. Corporate Philosophy and Information Dissemination

– Employees of the entity seeking certification share the corporate philosophy and vision, and corporate activities are carried out with a sense of unity.
– Information is disseminated externally by the entity seeking certification in order to gain understanding of company characteristics and strengths.

2. High Technological Skill and Ability to Generate New Proposals

– The entity seeking certification possesses specialized, high technological skills, and is proactively taking steps to improve those skills.
– The entity seeking certification is highly skilled in generating proposals for customers, and is also proactive in taking on new challenges for that purpose.

3. Quality Standards and Customer-Facing Ability

– The entity seeking certification has its unique high quality standards and production management system for company manufacturing.
– The entity seeking certification has the ability to respond flexibly to various customer demands.

4. The Manufacturing Ability of a Tokyo Base

– The entity seeking certification is taking advantage of the value of a Tokyo location, and applying creative manufacturing practices.
– The entity seeking certification has factories or partner companies outside Tokyo, as well as a production system that makes use of domestic networks in Japan.

5. Human Resources Development

The entity seeking certification provides employee training for the purpose of developing the next generation of human resources, and has mechanisms for incorporating employee opinions.