What are knits that can only be created in Tokyo?

Telling the world about the future of knitted items that can only be created in Tokyo.
That is our mission.
Continuing the long-held history of knitted goods in the Tokyo region
that originated from the handiwork of samurai warriors during the late Edo period.
Incorporating the intersection of tradition and the new sensibilities of 21st-century Tokyo.
Starting from knits, we are creating the future of fashion.

We innovate.
We combine Japanese monozukuri manufacturing and creativity,
Bringing knits to the world that can be found nowhere else.

This is what we are delivering.
New levels of comfort, and new designs.
Creating a new age of knits that will change the world of fashion.

Steadily achieving progress as if by twisting and carefully knitting the threads,
Speaking to the world like the soft and warm embrace of fabric.

Knitting the future. TOKYO KNIT


Connecting Tradition

Beginning from the samurai warriors of the Edo period, and continuing into the Meiji, Taisho and Showa periods. We have inherited the ideas of our predecessors and the tradition of knit creation in the Honjo area that developed into substantial Japanese industry. We are connecting these ideas and the tradition to the next generation.

Continuing with Innovation

We are constantly innovating by flexibly incorporating new ideas and cutting-edge technologies, to successfully create an entirely new range of knitted items that will surprise and delight you.

Constantly Achieving Superior Quality

We are committed to holding ourselves to a higher standard of quality than can be found anywhere else, to not compromising during any step of our process from production to service, and to creating products recognized by the world as being of the highest quality.

Creating a Global Brand from Tokyo

As the Tokyo knit industry, we give tangible form to the intersection of creativity and the fashions from around the world that are found together in Tokyo, and show the world new possibilities in knits.

Growing Together

Together with designers, clients and users, we maintain collaboration and information sharing, and are aiming to create a business that can bring happiness to everyone involved.


About Logo

About Our Logo

TOKYO KNIT is an industry that has developed from Edo period samurai warriors’ efforts to create Japan’s future. In order to move forward with that historical background and aspiration inscribed on our hearts, our logo has been formed in the style of a family crest, with the letters T and K, and designed to look like the kabuto helmets worn by samurai warriors.